About Us

LAX FMLY was "born" in 1985 when I first learned to cradle with a Brine Superlight 2+2, only I just didn't know it at the time.  My friends and I were ballboys for my brother's team - a team that would become ours and the first of many lacrosse "families" for each of us.  High school, college, club, field lax, box lax, summer leagues - each one had a cast of characters (including coaches and fans) forever etched into memory. 

In our social media world, I've watched many friends start their own lacrosse families, and I'm counting the days to when my own kids play.  LAX FMLY clothes are my way to honor both the sport and its greater community - the people who make it truly special.  It's great scoring goals, it's great making saves, and winning works wonders - but that feeling of seeing someone with some lax gear on and knowing you're both part of something bigger...  that's what LAX FMLY is all about.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope I've captured the spirit of lacrosse for you.  Enjoy your games, and I'll see you at the tailgate afterwards. 

- Tom @ Lax Fmly   (tom@laxfmly.com)

(Bishop Egan H.S., Georgetown Univ. club, PBLA Reapers, Philly Med, Behind the Back, Rita's Cantina, Eagles Alumni)