Welcome to the start of my next LAX FMLY chapter.  I grew up in a first generation lacrosse family, and learned the game from a coach who was himself learning from a book.  (He's a great guy; more on him in a future post.)  I used to go down to the local pool with two close friends and throw against a wall for hours on end.  My only regret is that I didn't throw lefty nearly enough back then.

In high school, I joined my second LAX FMLY as a passionate core of us turned a one win team around to championship contention in four years.  That team remains my brothers, and it's not uncommon for five or six of us to be on the field at once in our annual alumni game, despite us being over 40 now. 

In college, I played club as I entered Georgetown the year after Coach Urick came down from Hobart and my lack of a left hand didn't exactly cut it in tryouts.  (It was an honor to be yelled at by Coach Sowell for four days though.)  That club team was my next LAX FMLY as we helped create what became the foundation of the National Club Lacrosse League.  (Ajay & Brian - kudos for getting that ball rolling!)

Post-graduation, it was summer league field in PA and NJ and some sweltering box lax in South Philly.  My LAX FMLY just kept growing as I bonded with new teammates.  Ralph F., Jimmy B., Trash (who was actually a dentist by day)...all great people.  And the FMLY extended outside the lines to fans and family members who religiously attended games. 

Over the last 10 years, my involvement has primarily been organizing my high school alumni group, but I see on the horizon my own kids playing and the creation of my second generation LAX FMLY.  The games has been good to me for almost 30 years now and the future looks awesome.  I hope through this site that I can connect to many others in the broader lacrosse community, and I hope to share much about my lacrosse families, as well as learn much about yours. 

Thanks for stopping by!   - Tom