Happy Mama Lax Day!

Just a quick “Rah Rah Mother’s Day!” for my Mom – a terrific lax mom from a simpler lax time. In my youth, year-round sports were not the norm, and travel tournaments were for the select few. While I would’ve loved more opportunities to play, it certainly made things simpler on my Mom (and Dad). What wasn’t simple, however, was getting used to this new sport that one son brought home and that her other son and daughter also started to play. I don’t think watching her boys get beat on with lacrosse sticks was high on her list of things to do, nor was trying to keep track of what was legal in boys lacrosse versus in girls lacrosse. But regardless, she was there at almost every game, cheering us on and then helping clean the uniform for the next one.

Thanks, Mom – for the financial support, the sideline cheers and all the love. I love you, too. Happy Mother’s Day!